Brand is Everything.

I'm very lucky to have been a part of the following projects.

MILEHIGH Outerwear

Brand designed for a fashion designer based out of Toronto who has created a line of haute couture bomber jackets.

Miss Spelld

Miss Spelld is a performance concept that has gone through a series of evolutions. It's current incarnation is still under development.

Social Experiment

Identity for a local television program that pushes the limits of good taste while giving you some grist to talk about around the water cooler the next day. (Site in development)


1999 Dragon Boat Identity

Fund For A New Generation

The Fund for a New Generation is a not-for-profit organization that supports Ottawa's underprivileged children and youth by hosting an annual gala event. Identity design for their 2004 gala. 

106.9 THE BEAR (CKQB FM) - Apocalypse-Apalooza

Apocalypse-apalooza was a major station promotion that we started planning a full year before execution. We wanted to use the end of the Mayan calendar (December 21, 2012) as the focus of the promo. 

Not trying to brag or anything but I came up with the Apocalypse-apalooza name and, the graphic above, was selected immediately. It feels good to nail the concept from the get go.

The End Is Near! - T-shirts

A collection of irreverent t-shirts that 106.9 THE BEAR gave away to promote the Apocalypse-Apalooza promotional campaign leading up to December 21, 2012.

Apocalypse-apalooza - Trailer Wrap

Trailer wrap that 106.9 THE BEAR used to take to the streets giving away great prizes on location to help promote the Apocalypse-Apalooza campaign leading up to December 21, 2012.

Apocalypse-apalooza - Postcards

These were designed as downloads for listeners. We got each announcer to pose for a different plague or end of he world scenaro. THIS was so much fun to produce.

Break Into The Bunker - Signage System

Signage system developed for use in the Diefenbunker at the December 21, 2012 Break Into The Bunker End Of The World Party. I, Mother Earth headlined.

Break Into The Bunker - Trailer

Trailer Wrap developed for the station trailer. It was taken on the road to promote the End Of The World Party and for giveaways.

106.9 THE BEAR - Ottawa's Bear Babe

I worked on the design and development of the BEAR babe over three years.

THE BEAR EEach month had a new theme and the entrants had a chance to win a $1000 and a professional photo shoot with hair and make up. 2014 is a short calendar as 106.9 THE BEAR ceased to be and became JUMP! 106.9.

2012 Calendar

2013 Calendar

2014 Calendar

106.9 THE BEAR (CKQB FM) - T-shirts

A series of t-shirts designed for staff and to hand out to listeners.