Once Zoe was home, the first night, all I had to feed her was puppy kibble that was given to me when I bought her. I walked across the street to Loblaws and they didn't have a puppy milk formula.

The next morning I called Carp Road Animal Hospital (great Veterinarian office, I was living in Stittsville at the time) and they had a cancellation and she was welcome immediately.

I wasn't quite prepared for her yet so I drove with her lying in my lap. She was tiny, like 3 tennis balls in size and she didn't react to the environment much yet.

The Vet checked her over, was appalled that she had been given up so soon, and told me and gave me a run down of how to take care of her. Kibble was out and she gave me some cans of Esbilac, a liquid puppy formula that she would need to eat for the next four weeks. PetSmart had it. It was cheaper to buy the powder than the liquid so I learned how to prepare it, warm it slightly and I used a big syringe for the first week. Then started giving it to her in a tiny bowl several times a day. She seemed to like it and I gave her a much as she needed.

The Vet also mentioned because she wasn't getting her mother's milk during a really important phase in her life she might be more susceptible to certain illnesses. She wan't getting her Mom's antibodies and she might have some disadvantages when it came to fighting infection, etc. So I had to make sue she ate right,  and regular shots and check ups and she should be fine.

I didn't have a crate for the first few nights. A neighbour down the street had one and donated it. Before the crate, I gave her a doggie pillow about her size and put down paper towels near her. I took her outside after every meal and she was pretty good about doing her business. There were a couple of accidents. Tiny accidents.

When you get a puppy that is four weeks old their eyes haven't completely developed yet plus a bunch of other things. They seem oblivious to stuff. They also can't crane their neck and look up yet.

I remember standing crouched over her, "hey sweetie, want some food?". She could hear me but she couldn't make the connection. She would look side to side.

She developed like crazy. She was always stimulated, always loved and becoming a Real Puppy.

Gromit for scale

Gromit for scale